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A Unique Launch Point

Surrounded by a variety of neighboring areas, Parsons Avenue and East Public serve as a unique launch point to experiencing some of the most interesting restaurants and bars Columbus has to offer. We’re in close proximity to:

• Schumacher Place

• Olde Towne East

• German Village

• The Brewery District


East Public Lane

Parsons Avenue used to be a main corridor that marked the eastern edge of Columbus called East Public Lane. Home to a wide variety of migrant workers, at one time, a neighborhood general store required its employees to speak 6 different languages! Bluegrass music was widely popular too.


Reimagining the Historic Parsons Avenue Corridor

In 2015, East Public stood as a collection of dilapidated warehouse spaces; including the Parsons Avenue Adult Book Store, a tire shop, a bar turned church from the 70s, and a few caved-in, unusable structures. A lot of time and elbow grease rehabbed each location into what they are now. Remnants of the original property can be seen all around East Public, from repurposed siding to wood beams made into outdoor games and patio furniture. All along the Parsons Corridor buildings are being adaptively reused by a community who loves the history of the area.

You can easily spot them driving along the avenue, but there’s nothing quite like East Public.